Aaron Hurst is from the small town of Huntingdon, England. It’s his first time travelling on his own, and his settling into Utrecht definitely has not been aided by the constant frenzy of bike riders whizzing around.

Aaron is a self-proclaimed “Potterhead” and barracks religiously for Arsenal FC with his parents and younger brother. A loss for his favourite team is a true dampener on his day, so supporting them has been one heck of a “roller coaster of emotions” for him.

When he’s not anticipating an Arsenal’s upcoming match, he’s not eating vegetables either. In fact, whenever Aaron eats an apple he “feels like a health freak.”

Aaron has a solid base of journalistic experience, working for two years as a contributor and editor at Hertfordshire University’s student newspaper, Trident Media. From local concerts to sex-bots, he’s won awards for his editing and writing.

Previously studying journalism and creative writing, Aaron says that putting fictional, abstract ideas on paper is “a nice break” from hard fact-based writing. The soft spot in Aaron’s heart is also reflected by his penchant for poetry.