/Alice Schoutsen

Alice Schoutsen

Photo: Perrine Bast

Alice Louise Schoutsen was born in Antwerp in Belgium on the 18th of October, 1997. Her second name Louise should have been her first had it not been for her mum’s friend’s baby named Louise and born a little earlier than her. Although now, she says that “Alice” fits her best as she thinks of herself as dreamy like Alice in Wonderland.

Although Belgian, Alice actually comes from multiple cultures, her dad being Dutch and Italian, and her mom French and Belgian. She has moved a lot in her life, and mentioned in particular her time living in a flat with her older sister and younger brother in Ghent. Being suddenly alone in new accommodation is a challenge that she wants to take.

Alice speaks Dutch, English and French and has strong understanding skills in German, Italian and Spanish. In addition to these multilingual assets, she made the choice of coming to Utrecht to study a unique program called Europe in the World. This other challenge is for her a way of gaining additional knowledge and having an advantage in order to compete in a country where jobs in journalism are getting rare. Alice also ads that this year being her last, she wants to get as much out of it as possible and explore the European field.

Her career goals are multiple: from the Belgian production company “Woestijnvis” and Studio Brussels to Elle magazine and the newspaper De Morgen, Alice has diversified options in mind and is open to different branches of the profession. However, she has a specialization in the filming and making of documentaries because it makes her happy to be able to create beautiful images.

Alice is apparently very curious and creative, two undeniable personality traits that fit perfectly with her career goals and that she has probably inherited from her parents, one a visual artist and the other an architect.