Amalie Kraaer is a 24-year-old journalist from Denmark with a shining smile and a contagious sense of enthusiasm for all things writing and reporting. Her academic journey paved the way to journalism and she immediately fell in love with it; it wasn’t so much a “conscious choice” it was just meant to be.

She has previously researched and published a wide range of stories about diverse topics from education and labour conditions, to fishing quotas in the European Union. Having worked in both television and print media, she has a broad set of journalistic skills, with her medium of choice being print media.

Amalie has a passion for new discovery, which is ignited by other peoples’ stories, “it could be almost anything…whenever I can find sources who really have a case they feel strongly about… I get into it too,” she says.

This year, her interests are focused on European journalism. She finds inspiration from Danish European correspondents and experts, as well as people in the field “who know a lot and are really cool and collected,” she says.