Amina McCauley is a young journalist from Hobart, Tasmania. Her name’s origin can be traced back halfway across the world to Arabic countries. She has worked as a freelancer in a Tasmanian local magazine and also at her university magazine. Although she has mostly worked on human interest stories, she is now more interested on covering political stories.

Fighting social injustice through her journalism is her goal, as she has seen many unfair situations even in her home country.

“If I could change one policy in Australia it would be the refugee policy. We have so much space in Australia yet we treat some people as if they were not equal. When immigrants come by boat, we send them off to Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, where they stay in poor conditions and rape and torture do happen,” she says.

In order to do that, she says with conviction, that she will always stand by what she thinks is right and try to make people aware of problems.