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Anastasia Marcellin

Instagram, Bubble Gum and Float Dance. Typical Millennial traits you won’t find if you are looking for the 22 year-old Anastasia Marcellin. The French student of the Ecole Publique de Journalisme in Tours is really adult for her youth. She started her life’s journey in a small village of her mother country, but she won’t stop in Utrecht, where she wants to become an international correspondent.

What does it mean to be a correspondent? What does it mean to be a journalist? We are in the middle of a changing age of this profession. But there are still young and aspiring career starters like Anastasia who want to follow the footsteps of the great, old journalists whose names we know from newspapers like New York Times and the Guardian.

She believes we can save the credibility and reputation of our craft with time taken researching in the field and reportages which are not read because of the headlines, but the content.

“The most inspiring articles I read where these where I thought that the topic cannot be interesting”, this is what she wants to do. Open a door to relevant topics. Being a bridge between the occurrence and the reader. Translate complex topics to the world.

She seems restrained. Not because she is shy, but she is observant. “I am careful to form my own opinion and to express it. I don’t want to be a columnist and I cannot imagine myself working for a fast and young online platform. I could do that, I just don’t want to.”

She believes that journalism has a responsibility and that you should think twice and be careful what you are writing: “Everything we do as a journalist will be seen and it will have an effect.” Among her favourite topics are international politics, feminism and gender equality.