/Andrea Bouilly

Andrea Bouilly

Photo: Perrine Bast

Meet Andréa, also known as the future journalist you will often find in a corner of a library with her computer. She feels better there, because then she’s surrounded with all her interests. She has a constant urge to learn new things such as languages. So, she reads a lot. Moreover, she enjoys silence and peace. That’s why she thinks her path will be in the writing branch.

The 19-year-old grew up in Chartres, a city located an hour south of Paris. But she has now said goodbye to the city to study in Scotland. Why Scotland? ‘Since the beginning of high school, I wanted to do my higher education in a foreign country. I immediately chose Scotland because of its landscapes and its Celtic culture. The fact that university is free in Scotland helped a lot.’ She got to know the country by watching many documentaries and reading books.

The 80s and Andréa are inseparable. Her name comes from a character of the 80s tv show Beverly Hills and she’s addicted to 80s music. ‘I’m a lot into old things. Actually, I have tastes that I’m not really supposed to have at my age.’

Even though she likes silence, she’s very sociable. She wants to get to know the story of everyone, large or small, young or old, male or female… Europe in the World (what she’s studying now) will put her in contact with people of different backgrounds. Because of her love of languages, she can easily speak to many people. She can communicate in English, French and Spanish. And soon also in Dutch and Russian…

Her purpose in life is telling the stories that are important to her and her values. But she knows it might be not realistic, at least she will try.