/Ane Briones López

Ane Briones López

Ane Briones is determined.

Coming from the small, rural Basque town of Urretxu, Ane from a young age
wanted to report the truth and become a journalist.
Though when she was 16 her teaches told here to “do more”, she put her faith
into the written word and stated studying Journalism full-time at the University of
the Basque Country. In her studies, she realized her goal: to change the
generational divide over fake media because, as she says, “People deserve to
know whats going on”.

The 20 year old now takes part in the select Europe in the World program where
she hopes not only to learn about EU politics and structure, but also to explore
the Netherlands, Denmark, and hopefully her dream destination, Italy. With
enlisting in this program to learn more about reporting and writing in English, she
hopes to achieve her goal of changing the generational divide over fake media.
And though her main passion is writing, she has ample experience in radio
broadcasting as well, taking part in a 5 month internship program to learn about
multimedia and other ways to convey stories.

She is also passionate about the arts, having a deep found love for music, film,
books, and even fashion. Reflective to Ane’s character, her favorite song
happens to be “Shake it Out” by Florence + The Machine.
Ane is a necessity in todays modern world. Not only is she an independent
adventure seeker, but she is also a woman of principle who knows that the best
way to fight intolerance and ignorance is with honesty and powerful words.
Like her favorite quote by R.S. Gray goes, “She believed she could, so she did”;
Ane Briones believes in fighting for honest journalism, so she will every step of
the way.