“Hi my name is Cathal, but you can call me Cat like the animal”, he says while imitating cat ears on his head with his hands.  

Cat studied history with a minor in journalism and public history at the University of Hertfordshire in England. He chose to undertake the Europe in the World program for a chance to experience journalism in a practical environment.

“Back home I only do journalism as a minor so I’ve never really done practical journalism. So, learning how to do journalism in a professional environment is what I really want to get out of this course,” he says.

In his first year at university, Cat was appointed news editor for student publication Trident Media. This position involved generating news content and conducting interviews with a focus on campus news and local elections. 

In his second year of study, Cat was promoted to head of television for Trident Media, which involved the overall management of the news room and liaising with other stakeholders of the media industry.

After finishing his degree, Cat is uncertain as to what path he wants to follow.

“I want to do something that makes a difference. Whether that be journalism, politics or defence. Anything that makes a difference for my country,” he says.

However, one thing he is quite certain of is his life goal. That is, to have his own Wikipedia page, that way he will never be forgotten.