/Claire Poel

Claire Poel

It began with the story of two little girls living during the Second World War. A fictional story Claire wrote at the age of 10.

Today she is 21 and no longer writing fiction. And instead of imagining the world from her childhood room in the small city of Barendrecht close to Rotterdam, she has been experiencing it.

“I’ve always been curious. When I was little my parents would go nuts because I asked too many questions,” Claire laughs.

But that hasn’t stopped Claire from asking, or choosing, to use questions in her profession. In the last three years the 21-year-old inquisitor has been studying Journalism at Hogeschool Utrecht. Now she is trending a slightly different path.

In the next year, she will dive into the pool of European diversity, history and politics in the educational programme “Europe in the World”.

“I’ve always been interested in the Two World Wars and the Cold War. It was turbulent times. And now here we are living much more peacefully. A lot of institutions originated from the war, just like the EU,” she explains.

But wars aren’t the only past events that have captured the interest of this Dutchwoman. Take for instance, the Woodstock Festival and old school music such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

“My family and I have always joked about me being born in the wrong era. I’m really a 50-year-old white guy trapped in a young woman’s body,” Claire smiles.

In the future she may, however, travel back in time. Not to the 70’s, but to her room in Barendrecht. Doing what the then young Claire dreamed of.

“In ten years or so, I would love to write a book. And it might even be a non-fiction,” she says.