/Dutch Design Week: Engineers at the service of the planet

Dutch Design Week: Engineers at the service of the planet

More useful than a big speech, some have decided to act. This is the case of François Moreau, 21, member of the Precious Plastic, an organization of engineers from The Netherlands. The Frenchman had been following this project for a long time. For him, it was important to create something accessible to everyone. “I take videos to detail from A to Z how to build your own plastic crushing machine. Now there are projects everywhere, even in developing countries like Kenya!”


Created in 2013 by Dave Hakkens, Precious Plastic has the objective to recycle this material to create new objects. Here, the fifty engineers collect the plastic wastes, given by the Eindhoven’s citizens. On October 19, Precious Plastic will be present in one of the biggest events of the year: the Dutch Design Week. For seven days, around 2600 engineers around the world are going to present their new inventions.

François, the French video maker, finally decided last September: he saw that Dave’s team was looking for computer scientists. A few days later, he set foot in the Netherlands for the first time. Since this day, the youngest member of the team is working on the fourth version of the recycling machines: “These are more efficient and less energy consuming”.


“Engineers are working together to try to find innovative solutions to current problems”, explains Viveka Van de Vliet, in charge of the communication of the Dutch Design Week. They come from the Netherlands, the rest of Europe, but also USA and even China. From 19 to 27 of October, this event reunites a lot of engineers, who came to present their new design creations.

Engineers yes, but not just them. Because the Dutch Design Week, it is also all the students who participate. “It’s a real inspiring week for the young people”, says Viveka. This year, the theme of the week “If not now, then when?” seems perfect to summarize the recent events, when young people went on the streets to protest against the inaction for the climate change. A lot of projects are linked with the circular economy: a trash bin made from plastic bottle, an umbrella against the air pollution, etc.


The community spirit, François discovers it daily in Eindhoven. Here, the Precious Plastic members live together, per group of four or five persons, in small houses. A diversity that François likes. “We are a very mixed team, some of us come from France, Spain, America and also Chile”, he says. And, a few days before the Dutch Design Week, everyone hurries in the open space. If, after this event, the Dutch adventure ends for François, this isn’t the case of his engagement for the climate. The young Frenchman plans to fly to the Maldives, where, armed with his camera, he wants to show ecological innovations.