Eloise Le Gros is an ambitious and curious 27-year-old Australian woman, and storyteller. With a background as a flight attendant and many tales about air lines and global experiences to share, Eloise, or just “El”, decided to go back to school again. Studying a Bachelor of Communications with a major in Journalism at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, Eloise was offered to participate in the journalistic programme, Europe in the World.

But why Europe in the World? Eloise joined the programme for several reasons. She‘s highly interested in the European Union and its 40 something languages, nationalities and cultures, so the exchange programme seemed a perfect match for her aspirations.

Europe in the World is a totally different and special programme offering the possibility to improve journalistic skills and tapping into all kinds of mediums: TV, radio and newspapers. But why journalism? Thanks to El‘s curiosity the question is never “what?” but rather “why?”. No other profession offers such focus on getting to the bottom of emerging issues.