“When I was younger I wanted to live so many different lives, and I felt so sad that I would only live my own life,” says Georgia Macleod, 23.

The life she has been assigned to is one of an auburn haired voyager with a strong sense of justice, born in Perth in the first month of 1994. She developed a burning passion for telling the stories of downtrodden voices after a friend was incarcerated.

Since taking a general interest in the system, she became aware of broader social issues in the Australian society, especially women being sexually objectified domestically but also in the media, and the stigmatisation of indigenous Australians.

“How can I fix the injustice?” Georgia asks.

“It’s a slow process, but it’s about raising awareness and making it a point of discussion. Journalism is a way of doing it.”

Georgia favours broadcast journalism over the traditional tabloid, but despite her charm, believes she belongs in radio or in a podcast.

In addition to her interest in recording and editing sound bites, she loves exploring the world and meeting new people.

“I wanted to be all of these people and experience all of these things. Then I realised that a way of doing that is meeting those people and tap into their stories. You can’t be it all, but you can see it all,” she says.