/Harrison Rich

Harrison Rich

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Harrison decided to move to San Francisco
when he was sixteen to continue his studies. Moving to, what he calls a “compact city”,
gave him the opportunity to experience living on his own and adopting a whole new
lifestyle, far from what he did back home.

When the chance of coming to Europe turned up, he didn’t hesitate. His desire to
adventure and meet new people, each with a unique culture and background, got him
onto this special program. Besides, his reporter sense and desire of bringing foreign
stories into the American scene meant that he couldn’t let this opportunity escape. As
an American, he feels the media talks about itself, which makes him think of it as
“selfish” in a way.

Making documentaries and filmmaking are his passions, but what he loves the most is
interviewing people. The bond that is created between the interviewer and the person
makes him value his work. “Filming, editing and producing a documentary on eating
disorders was the most enriching experience for me”, he says. The fact that you can
realise things about yourself and situations that surround you is amazing.

His main goals for this Europe in The World learn more about European politics and
economy. Simply: how the engine of the European Union works. His favourite way of
learning is getting to know new people, how they live and their cultural identities.
Much like his favourite song, “Naima” by John Coltrane, Harrison is an ind(i)ependent
and relaxed person, but determined at the same time. You can always count on him to
have a nice chat about films, books, music or fashion.

“To create is divine to reproduce is human”. This quote by Man Ray is in some way his
mantra: “The best thing a person can do is creating and being independent,” he says.