Like a Forrero Rocher, Javi’s soft centre is not visible at first, yet very easy to come by. Buried beneath his dark eyebrows and poker face, a laugh is all it takes to break his seemingly crisp exterior.

Javi comes from Gernika, in the Basque Country. A strong political inclination due to the frustrations of his culture is thus embedded in his upbringing, his native language of Basque forming his identity. Quiet and calm, Javi has a curious mind and an inclination towards the serious – at least in terms of journalism. He hopes to become a foreign correspondent and report on political affairs while travelling the world.

Before coming to Utrecht, Javi worked for a local magazine writing feature articles on events and interviewing locals on all sorts of topics. Recently, he started a radio station with some friends, based on the analysis and discussion of cinema.

Back at his home university, Javi did not feel challenged enough academically, so hopes to gain a more intellectually stimulating education within Europe in the World, and to be surrounded by progressive and like-minded people.