Jeppe Trans is the prodigal son of Aarhus, Denmark. Born in Aarhus and having lived in small towns throughout Denmark and even Venezuela, he has returned and will return again to Aarhus in order to conclude the Europe in the World journalism program.

Jeppe set his career sights on journalism from an early age. Beginning with an avid interest in newspapers when he was ten, and the encouragement of teachers in his writing abilities, Jeppe hopes to continue playing to his strengths. Two of the most exciting aspects of this career choice for him is the ability to learn and engage through personal interviews and to have the opportunity to write for a broad and interesting range of genres. Jeppe admits he would enjoy reporting on sport, but that European politics is also a tantalising prospect.

“I have joined this program because I’m very interested in the EU and think it’s a really good project, but also has a lot of problems in it. So I want to report about it and make people more informed about the EU,” says Jeppe.

Many of the aims and goals that Jeppe has for his career follow in the appeal of Danish EU correspondent, Ole Ryborg.

Jeppe says, “I think he’s really cool. He knows a lot of stuff and he’s good at reporting about the EU in a way that a lot of people understand, or at least I understand. He’s good at speaking about things that affect you and not just some Brussels stuff. I think he’s kind of a role model in terms of this,” he says.