/Jon Larrachea

Jon Larrachea

Photo: Perrine Basset

Jon Larrachea (19) is from the Basque region in Spain. He has a lot of passion for his work and is also up for a good party, especially if there’s latin music playing there. Jon experiences that a lot of conflicts in Europe and beyond are the result of people only knowing part of the story when it comes to controversial subjects. This is one of the reasons why he is passionate about showing multiple perspectives.

Jon has been studying at University of the Basque Country in Bilbao. This year Jon wants to delve deep into the functions of the EU. He is a bit skeptical towards the EU and this drives him to investigate the workings of this institution. Jon does not just want to write theoretically about how the EU is supposed to work but wants to make the public know what the effects of EU-policy are by showing a wide variety of examples. Besides learning about the way the EU is functioning Jon is also looking forward to earn more knowledge about the continent of Europe and the people that live there.

Up till now Jon was mainly focussed on writing, he is however enthusiastic about developing his work in a visual way by adding more photography, graphics and video into his content. Most of the content that Jon created is in Basque, his mother language. He is looking forward to improve his professional use of English so he can broadcast his content to a worldwide audience. Jon is looking forward to offer you new perspectives and information on issues in Europe.