/Jonas Bisgaard Kristensen

Jonas Bisgaard Kristensen

Photo: Perrine Bast

When you ask Jonas about journalism, he will tell you about his internship at the ‘JydskeVestkysten’ newspaper and that he likes to write. However, it’s not the complete story about Jonas and journalism. There is more to tell, but Jonas won’t tell. He is a real Dane who lives by the law of Jante. It’s a Danish code of conduct which is all about the happy acceptance of being average.

‘ I was raised this way’, he says. ‘I like it when people are humble. It’s fine to set ambitions, but just don’t express them. Work hard on them without telling.’ That’s why he will never tell you about his national award for a major piece about suicide in Denmark and his website about sausage reviews at football matches. ‘Suicide and sausages are my specialties’, he says jokingly.

People have always told Jonas since he was little that he is a good writer. And he enjoys writing. ‘After I found out that I couldn’t be a professional football player I thought writing about football would be a good way to stay close to the pros.’

At the ‘JydskeVestkysten’ newspaper he interviewed football players and went to almost every match in the region. His dream came true, but he found out that it wasn’t his dream job ‘They were long and boring days and we made simple stories. I came to the conclusion that all the matches are the same, maybe one out of forty will be different.’

Sports became not his first priority anymore. He shifted desks at the newspaper and wrote about regional news. ‘It was a broader variety of topics and every article was different.’

Jonas likes stories as concrete and specific as possible. He skips the opinion and analysis sections in the newspaper. ‘I want to know the consequences, not overthink every option about what could happen.’  That’s why he enjoys reading about Brexit. ‘It has concrete consequences.’ Is he not Brexit tired? ‘Well … yes, but every step of Brexit has a major cliff-hanger, so I can’t stop reading and watching the news.’