She was born and raised in Munich, with Russian and Austrian roots but she feels German. The values she cares for most in people are: honesty, transparency, truthfulness, kindness and fairness. 

Meet Julia Weinzierler, a 21-year-old Communication and Media Research student from the Ludwig-MaximiliansUniversität in Munich. She seems composed and welcoming at the same time. At the tender age of 15, she was already chief-editor of her school magazine.

“Already then I knew that I wanted to go in that field,” she says.

Europe in the World is the training ground in which she wants to sharpen her skills and English. Although she has experience from several internships at local newspapers and magazines, Julia is still looking for more practical journalism training.  

In her spare time, she likes to travel and observe people’s behaviour.

“It’s just ‘people watching,’” she says laughing. When she’s not doing that she’s working as part of an online editorial team.

Julia hopes to become a correspondent. Whatever the subject, she will travel anywhere for the story. But she would like to report on conflict zones, emerging industries and politicians. Even though she has a politics minor, in her reporting she does not want to focus on politics but on people instead.

After Europe in the World, she would like to specialise in another country. However, her dream is joining Die Deutsche Journalistenschule, hailed as one of the best journalism schools in Germany.