/Liv Østerstrand Rasmussen

Liv Østerstrand Rasmussen

“In the beginning just wanted to write,” she says frankly, shrugging her shoulders.

Combining this with a deep passion for politics, the dynamic Scandinavian hopes to help people understand the EU through her journalism. At home in Denmark, Liv says the media discussing the European Union is aimed at those who already understand the system.

“What I really want to do, is get more people to know more about the EU, especially normal people, says Liv.

“Because especially in Denmark the…programs about the EU are for people who already know a lot about the EU, so it’s very elitist in a way, you really have to know the system.”

For the past 18 months, when she hasn’t been practicing dressage or drinking beer, Liv has been interning with Danish media outlet Jysk Fynske Medier, working in national and regional publications.

For her, Europe in the World really is ‘back-to-school’ after an exciting adventure writing professionally.

Liv’s highlight while interning was the chance to interview Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, in Mali, Africa on a whirlwind humanitarian trip that focused on child marriages and women’s issues.

This trip gave Liv a strong interest in international diplomacy, as she found the royal’s control over use of aid funding interesting.

“I think it’s interesting, in the Danish Kingdom, our royals are not political, they are not supposed to act in a political way,” Liv says.

“So how far can you go being in that position, when our Crown Princess came to Mali and said, we want you to move in this particular direction?”

Liv believes most Danish people, including herself, see the European Union as far away, and hopes she can use Europe in the World to bring the EU, closer to home.