/Lotte Rud Kragelund

Lotte Rud Kragelund

Carrying on her late grandfather’s legacy, Lotte Rud Kragelund (23) has decided to give journalism a go. “He was sick for a long time and before he died he asked me to carry on the family torch.” The then twelve year old Lotte declined. “I said I didn’t want to be a journalist,” Lotte laughs.

But if twelve year old Lotte could look into the future, she would see herself actually pursuing a career in journalism. Being a young woman with a lot of qualities and characteristics that suit her profession. Because don’t be fooled by this woman’s sweet exterior. She is straight forward. “I’m not a bitch but I express my opinion. But I’m also empathetic, I care about people. And I really invest in the things I create.”

However, the thing that makes Lotte’s eyes sparkle the most is “Hermann.” Her lime green 1961 Volkswagen Beetle. “I come from a very nerdy family. We all have an old Volkswagen. It’s a good thing I only have one brother. Because just imagine how many cars we would have if I would have more,” Lotte jokes.

The stories that are Lotte’s driving force are the ones with a very human aspect. For example, a story she wrote about carers of family members with dementia. “It’s so powerful to talk to someone whose dad died a couple months earlier, talking about how he changed from this loving man to a man who hit them and threatened them with knives.”

She will continue to make these human stories on the Euroscope website. “Because the good thing about politics, is that politics affect people.” And that means that there are enough personal stories to document for this ambitious journalist when she’s not busy driving around in her beloved “Hermann”.