Madeleine Rojahn is studying in the Europe in the World programme on exchange from the University of Tasmania, where she studies journalism and international relations.

“I’m really excited about the Europe in the World course because it’s right up my alley, and also there’s a lot of focus on sustainability, which is a passion of mine,” she says.

“I’m really passionate about combating climate change and a lot of the social aspects of that, because I think that a lot of these problems are caused on a social level.”

About her future career aspirations, Madeleine remains undecided.

“I don’t really want to decide that yet because I don’t really know. I know that I want to do something international,” she says.

“I’d love to work for CNN or the BBC, and I want to travel and report on big issues such as climate change, terrorism and refugees.”

Alongside her journalism and international relations degree back at home, Maddie also studied history and Japanese.