/Marina Marcondes

Marina Marcondes

Photo: Perrine Bast

With her long black hair and her tanned skin, Marina brings an exotic fragrance to our class. When you listen to her talk about her hometown, you feel like you’re dreaming. The beach, the Atlantic Ocean, the carnival… and the sun, everywhere. This is Marina’s life.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, this young Brazilian girl is very ambitious. That’s why she didn’t hesitate to jump in a plane and cross the Atlantic. When I asked why she chose this program, she laughed and said, “In reality, Europe in the World chose me”. Indeed, she should go to a Danish class, when the director of the university talked to her about the EITW program. Two countries in one year. “It was a big opportunity”, she remembers. And that’s the way Marina has taken part to the adventure. First time that she has set a foot on the European ground!

Marina, 21, is curious about everything. Since she was a young girl, she wanted to become a journalist. A passion that comes from her father, practicing this profession himself. She loved writing, discovering new culture and travelling. And, most significant, she wants to keep her freedom and not to be locked up “in a box”. Journalism seems to be made for her. In her school, in Rio, she already had the chance to go into the field. After worked in a tourism magazine, Marina now wants to increase her knowledge in politics, economic and law, in particular about the European Union. She also wants to make podcasts and develop her radio skills. “I want to be prepared to write an article about anything”, she confides.

And now, after buying a winter jacket (almost the first day of her arrival), she is ready to confront the Netherlands, including Dutch language.