/Merve Kayikci

Merve Kayikci

“If there is something important happening in the world, I want to go there and know everything about it.” Merve Kayikci knows what she wants. The 24 years old German girl landed in Utrecht to study in the Europe in the world program. “I really want to understand Europe from every perspective, because it is a significant topic nowadays”.

Speaking about major issues has always been important to Merve. Five years ago, she launched a blog about Muslim daily life in her country. Followed by 5000 persons, she became a voice for her community and took part in talk shows and interviews.

“By doing so, I realized that there are news about immigration and Islam every day, but there are only a few journalists in the newsrooms that have a Muslim background”, she explains. In a hope for change, she abandoned her law studies to start journalism, turning her passion for speaking into her job.

After several experiences in different newspapers, she found her voice in online journalism and mobile reporting. “I want to start new experiences and new adventures everywhere I can”, states Merve, in her ambition to explore the world. Even if her blog is important to her, she is willing to report about all kinds of topics, from theatre to politics.

The young German girl wants to incarnate a new generation of journalists, “the new wind in this desert”, more tolerant and closer to people. Her phone still in hand, she shares her daily life in the Netherlands with her followers, waiting to publish soon bigger stories.