It is clear that humour plays a big part in young journalist Nathan Hennessy’s future. Ever since he successfully started to write the satiric and erotic “Doctor Neezy’s love column” for a local student magazine he has had an ambition of doing journalism with a humoristic twist.

“I always feel silly saying this when everyone else is so serious about journalism but I have had an interest in entertainment since I picked up kid’s magazines when I was eight. And it has just gone on from there,” he says.

His love columns were a surprising success for the student magazine with a fan base of mostly middle-aged women and young men.

Besides “Doctor Neezy’s love column”, Nathan also folds out his funny bones in his live stream show “Hennezy Live” where he talks about video games as Neezy – a rudimental Australian with a flair.

The young Tasmanian recently started a new adventure in the Europe in the World programme in the Netherlands – a comprehensive programme about European politics. Nevertheless, Nathan is up for a challenge of the non-humorous type.

“I thought this would be a fantastic networking exercise. I have done everything else in my career path that I need to do but I haven’t done much networking. And now I’m Europe which I think is the best place to start,” he says.