/Netherland taken by thousands during climate strike

Netherland taken by thousands during climate strike

The world felt the power of the new generation this Friday (27), when thousands marched on the streets asking for actions against climate changes. Euroscope went to The Hague, in The Netherlands, to cover the manifestation and got to see the size of this movement.

Screams, signs and songs. A huge crowd gathered near the central station, where an orchestra played and chanted about justice and revolution. Violins, flutes and drums followed the tone of the songs sung by young activists who stole the scene with their painted faces and colorful posters.

According to the event organizers, about 25,000 people attended the manifestation in The Hague yesterday. This was one of the 4,500 locations, in 150 countries, that participated in the “Earth Strike”, a movement inspired by the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Citizens of all ages joined forces to ask for effective laws to help the environment to recover from human devastation. Lucca, five years old, went with his father to the Dutch protests. Even so young, the boy understood why it was so necessary to claim change. “The ice is melting. This makes the sea really high, and Holland is a low place, so… we need to do something,” he said.

Not only him, but thousands of other childrens around the globe participated in this movement. In Montreal, Canada, where Greta spoke, more than 114,000 students had their classes cancelled to take part in the strikes. In total, about 400,000 Canadians attended the region’s protests.

The face-to-face demonstrations are over for now, but is still possible to participate online. The official website of this movement (Global Climate Strike) keep updating the readers about the international scenarium.

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