/Olivier Van Doorn

Olivier Van Doorn

Photo: Perrine Basset

Olivier van Doorn (Woerden, 1996) has been always a person who has moved himself between two sides, letting him acquire an always growing curiosity. He was born in the Green Heart of Holland, so even if he has been living surrounded by the biggest Dutch cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, etc.), living in the countryside made him love chilling outside, feeling the smell of the grass and the enjoying the sound of the river while he travels with his bicycle. 

Talking from a professional perspective, this curious journalist finds his reason to become a reporter in telling the world unknown stories, letting everybody to have a voice. Strolling every single corner to find out new unwritten adventures. He admits that, as a journalist, he prefers to work in an individual way, but he also thinks that coworking with other colleagues might get him new points of view about several issues: “sharing ideas with other people can be, provided that those ideas are based in objecticity, can be really enriching for myself, it would help me growing up my mind”.

Writing about arts and music is his passion, but he admits he also dares to inform about economics and politics, some areas he looks forward to develop through the Europe in The World program. Taking his curiosity as an attribute, he wants to get more into European Union issues, get to know how politics and economics work in the Union. Also, he is expecting to learn how to create better content in English. With no doubt, both goals are going to be really challenging, but Van Doorn is ready to get through them.