/Oscar Barragan

Oscar Barragan

Hailing from Gothenburg Sweden, a unique concoction of fire and ice finds its way into the Europe in the World program. Born to a Spanish father and Swedish mother, Oscar Barragán carries his unusual Spanish surname with a sense of pride as he strides through the snowy Swedish landscape.

Growing up in an international environment has given Oscar something of a knack for languages. He spent his early childhood in Missouri USA, before enrolling in an international English school in Sweden. The time spent there has left his English lingo polished and nearly blemish-free of any ‘Vikingese’. However if the Queen’s language is not your cup of tea, there’s always a conversation to be had in Spanish, French.

Or Swedish of course.

Being raised by two doctors has its advantages, but in the back of his mind there was always a looming sense of implied duty towards his parents’ medical legacy, sporadically chiming in. A slightly bitter afterthought that Oscar had to shrug off in order to take flight. And take flight he did. Eloping after his summer job as a reporter in Sweden. Off to Holland where he believes the EITW-program will provide him with the necessary knowledge plus the fedora and lasso he needs to hopefully become an international correspondent in South-America one day. At the moment he has a keen interest in global politics and foreign cultures, but his field of interest reaches far and wide.

Constantly adapting to alien places has made Oscar into an independent pseudo-globetrotter, yet cautious in zeroing in on a certain path to walk. Journalism provides him the freedom of movement he desires to saunter around and take in the sights and sounds of as many crossroads as he wants before scoping in on a new horizon.