Paula Camara from Zaragoza believes the most important thing within journalism is to “make visible the invisible”. With a desire to interact with people and tell their stories, Paula has a strong ambition to “directly report to the society”. When Paula isn’t writing for the cultural magazine Silenzine or organising events for  communication company Deventique, she is volunteering her time as a translator to those in catastrophic zones- most recently aiding individuals during the Florida hurricane crisis.

Paula wishes to evaluate and expand her knowledge of the European Union to feed her passion of writing stories on “social problems with a spin”. As a Spanish citizen Paula, also considers the European Union’s political system a crucial element to her understanding of the wider social reality.

“I want to feel like my work is useful for the people…Journalism allows the real problems to be shown to individuals as well as governments,” she says.

In her spare time, Paula ironically relaxes to Aero Smith and Black Sabbath, although she claims that chocolate is the key to her heart. With experience in a homeless volunteer program, Paula has deep empathy for those who are extricated from society.

She believes that eradicating prejudice is the key to solving many homelessness issues and that a passion towards changing the ideology surrounding social minority groups will result in worthwhile journalism.