/Perrine Basset

Perrine Basset

(Photo: Marina Marcondes)

From a small farm in France to an international university in the Netherlands. Perrine wasn’t kidding when she said she was searching for new adventures. The amateur photographer entered the Europe in the World programme with the intention of developing her journalistic skills and get to know more about the iconic continent that she lives in, and ended up with even more.

Very skilful with the camera, the country girl found in photography a way to capture the events in her surroundings. She worked in local radio and did some freelance in the communication sector.

Wanting to pursue the career as an international journalist, Perrine acknowledge the need to perfect her English. In the exchange programme, she saw a way to train her oral and writing skills in this world-renowned language. With daily exercises she hopes to expand her knowledge and becames a qualified professional in both her mother tongue and this new one.

Perrine is excited by the opportunity of working and travelling as a student in Europe. For her it’s an unique opportunity to meet new people while also opening her network for  business purposes. She hopes to experience the cultural diversity that the Europe in the World countries are set to present.

After only one week of the course, the French student already states that this opportunity is going to transform her life, personal and professionally. “The group is united and the teachers are accessible. This is going to be an experience of a lifetime”, said Perrine.