/Puck Wagemaker

Puck Wagemaker

Photo: Perrine Bast

In Denmark, a puck is an old moped. In Canada, a puck is a rubber disk to hit with an ice hockey stick. In The Netherlands Puck is an aspiring journalist taking part in the 2019/20 Europe in the World programme.

Puck Wagemaker’s parents claim that they deliberately gave her an international name – almost as if they were aware of her border crossing ambitions from the moment she was born. To cross borders is exactly what she will do for the next ten months, honing her journalistic tools as a member of the programme in first Utrecht and later in Aarhus in Denmark.

Although she is yet to cross a border during the international course, studying in English instead of her native Dutch tongue has already shown its advantages to Puck.

“I feel like my English has already improved after just a few days. And it is also very interesting for me as a Dutch to hear stories and experiences about Utrecht and The Netherlands from other nationalities,” Puck says.

Puck is not alien to being a part of international groups. In the summer of 2018, she participated in a journalistic summer school in Prague, while she has also attended an English and writing course in New York in 2015.

“Sometimes, you have to dive into the deep water. I believe it is good to put yourself in an environment you are not familiar with,” she says.

In five months, she will do just that when she once again sets off to study abroad as she moves to Aarhus for the second half of the Europe in the World programme. When reading the news, Puck usually takes great interest in the international pieces. For ten months, she will now produce them herself.