Dubbed the “fit journalist”, Rio from Germany not only works out six times a week, but pulls her weight when it comes to journalism. Born and raised in the village of Mindelstetten, she swapped small town life for the big city and moved to Munich to study sociology and communication studies at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität.

The 22-year-old now works for German celebrity magazine Promipool, writing a wide variety of stories from royal fashion trends to Kim Kardashian’s ever-changing haircuts or the latest frocks worn by movie stars hitting the red carpets of Europe. Rio also briefly contributed to her home university magazine.

A fitness fanatic, Rio hopes to become a personal trainer while also working in media either as a journalist, preferably internationally, or in the communication field more broadly. Print journalism remains her favourite medium but she wants to venture in broadcast TV to develop a cross platform expertise.

Rio is trilingual so speaks German, English and Bavarian fluently and most recently moved to Utrecht in the Netherlands to report on European affairs as part of the Europe in the World programme.

She’s always been passionate about writing and admits she’s been good at it as far back as primary school but it is her famishing curiosity for all things political and social that lead her to pursue a career in journalism.

“I love to focus on a topic and get deep into it and know everything about it, for me it’s not enough to scrap the surface,” she says.