/Rosana Bautista Benito

Rosana Bautista Benito

“I want to give other people a voice.” That is a simple explanation of why Rosana Bautista Benito got into journalism in the first place. Three years on, she hasn’t been inactive. Before joining the Europe In the World programme, she went to Brussels and Paris for an international communication programme about interculturality and even worked for a student’s online magazine located in Colombia.

Like the Destiny’s Child’s song, Rosana feels like an independent woman beyond her years. A warm smile, and an expressive face without any visible traces of make-up to hide behind. So simple can it be to describe this 20-year-old with Spanish blood in her veins.

However, born and raised in the northeast of Spain, she feels much more connected to the place she calls home than to her native country. “Spain is like a patchwork of different people, cultures and food with only our language as a glue that binds it together. I like that diversity, but it doesn’t make me feel Spanish.”

Now based here in Utrecht to participate in Europe in the World, she is eager to acquire more basic academic knowledge and practical journalism skills that she sometimes missed in her home university. Interested in interculturality, she also sees the cultural value of this programme.

As in every new country, there are things that Rosana finds less appealing. “I am not used to looking up to a gloomy sky. Honestly, the lack of sun just makes me less energetic than I am used to.”

But even if she is low on energy, she always finds the strength to look to people without any judgement. “I wouldn’t judge anyone, so I’ve decided I won’t fear others judging me. It seems like in The Netherlands there is, general speaking, not a lot of judgement. That is what I like so much here.