Sara Maryniak is a budding journalist with hopes of working for the United Nations. She was born (or possibly created in a mad science experiment gone wrong) on the Australian island of Tasmania in 1997.

Deciding that it would be an excellent opportunity to enhance her knowledge of the European Union and develop her personal skills, Sara chose to join the Europe In the World programme and has been loving it so far! Her favourite parts about Utrecht, where she will live and study for the next few months, are the green landscapes, coffee culture and unpredictable weather as it reminds her of home. In terms of her opinion on the European Union, it’s currently up for debate.

Sara hopes that by doing this course she will learn more about it and be able to form a much stronger opinion as she feels Australians are somewhat limited in their knowledge of the EU. When it comes to likes and dislikes, Sara has a wide range of interests. She loves to drink beer (although not the hangovers), snorkel, and visit music festivals.