“I want to be a journalist“, was the realisation of Sofyan, when he started Dutch and English studies.

But it was no empty promise. In the following years, the 22-year-old student from Belgium immersed himself into journalism to hone his story telling skills. Coming from the small village Londerzeel near Brussels he never felt far away from the ideas and beliefs of the European Union.

Pursuing his degree in journalism in Ghent wasn’t enough for the curious and cosmopolitan young man. Starting his practical journalistic work at the urban explorer platform “Chase”, he made it to the REC Academy. Even New York was not too far away to become a critical and urban digital storyteller.

“When I work on something my focus is on the substance within the content”, the young journalist points out.

Further steps brought him to The Caravan’s Journal and made him editor-in-chief at his college magazine. Doing something that matters – that describes his journalistic dreams the most. Next to writing his heart is in photography and video. Looking through a lens, Sofyan believes, helps to look freely at people.

Apart from giving classes to fellow students and guiding as a chief-editor Sofyan believes that bringing professionals and other people together is an important part of learning from each other and understanding the relevance of journalism in the world.

His organisation LANS BREKER is already in the starting blocks to become a global network “working on a different narrative for journalists”.