/Suzanna Demey

Suzanna Demey

Suzanna’s cheerful smile fills people around her with joy. Her willingness to help others and her passion
towards discovering new people in depth is nothing other than true kindness.

Hailing from Beernem, in the Belgian province of West Flanders, located southeast of Brugge, Suzanna is an enthusiastic student who took the challenge and signed up for the Europe in the World programme in order to improve her practical journalistic skills as well as her level of English.

She is a strong advocate of gender equality and freedom of expression. As a matter of fact, Suzanna feels proud of living in a country where people can enjoy liberty in regard to showing their religion and beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Suzanna is a staunch reader -only this year, she has read over 60 books-. But she also loves writing and mixing beats to create sounds and astonishing atmospheres for radio broadcasts.

About her future career aspirations, Suzanna would like to keep studying at university so as to broaden her knowledge about political science.

In her free time, Suzanna volunteers anonymously at an organisation chatting to people who need someone to guide them through problems that can range from eating disorders and self-harming to love doubts.

This 19-year-old girl is the living spiritof the values of the European Union. Making the most out of the differences that culturally distinguish a group of international students in order to learn and grow is her target for the upcoming year.