/The son of Utopia, Laurent Gaudé tours with new book

The son of Utopia, Laurent Gaudé tours with new book

A week ago, the famous French writer Laurent Gaudé came to Amsterdam to promote his book “Nous, l’Europe banquet des peuples”. Published just before the elections in May, this poem about Europe’s History, according to the author’s vision, was made to warn his readers about the importance of a united block.

Amsterdam, September 20th, 2019. Barely through the door and already the atmosphere changes. Here, in the heart of Amsterdam, forty people are waiting for the awarder writer for his book “Le Soleil des Scorta”. This cosmopolitan audience talks Dutch, but also French, and sometimes English. So, is this Europe?

Invited by the book shop “Le Temps retrouvé”, the author came to talk about his new book. In 182 pages, Laurent Gaudé tells the History of the Europe, to the war from the coal, to the rails crossing the countries from the fall of the wall, is a poem in free verse.


The voices against Europe, starting with the Brexit, are growing. The writer, born in the first generation of an united Europe, felt the need to share his opinion about the situation and remind the important marks of this sixty years old utopia.

Gaudé doesn’t consider himself a protector of the EU. However, the writer thinks that Europe should not be called into question, and for a good reason. “I have a lot of frustrations. We all have them. But we live in a democratic country, we all have a ballot paper, I chance to speak up”.

Many people question the writer about his role in this political game. “This book is like a little rock in the shoe”, he jokes. According to him, the goal in it is to warn his readers. If a big part of the politicians talks about all that’s wrong with Europe, Gaudé prefers to turn back the clock and remember the highlights of the journey. Where Europe found a way to maintain the peace for sixty years.

“I believe that if a young soldier of the Second World War could see that, he would be amazed at the happiness.”