When Veera Nikkilä, 26, took her first few steps in the city of Utrecht in 2013, everything was new to her. All the bikes going from A to B, the cosy canals in the centre of the city and of course the cheap beer was all very different than what she knew from back home in Finland.

Four years later, the thrill of living in Utrecht has faded a bit, but she still enjoys going on adventures in the city especially when friends from back home come visit. In the near future, it is however not acquaintances from Finland, who will enjoy her company and knowledge of the city. That pleasure is instead reserved for her new classmates from the Europe in the World course.

“Every time one of my friends comes here to visit me, I see the city again through their eyes, and then I appreciate it again,” says Veera.

Due to the lack of student housing in Utrecht, she has lived in seven different places (including one in Amsterdam) during her four years in the Netherlands. However, she has stayed in the same place in Utrecht since April.

She looks forward to her own Danish adventure, just as her new classmates are now having a Dutch adventure, but at the same time she doesn’t mind that the first part of the Europe in the World course takes place in the city, which she has come to know so well.